Friday, January 31, 2014



WHAT IS SELF SALOET? Self Saloet began as a ghetto bass initiative but quickly evolved to become a collective through which artists ranging from electronic music producers, photographers, graphic designers and filmmakers can establish a network for themselves. Self Saloet does this mainly through parties, events and music releases. Self Saloet prides itself on its non-exclusivity but also emphasises the need for quality in artistic output. Each artist on the compilation was invited to take part based on talent but also on a visible trend of quality in their musical output, and we partnered with 49 Others and ItsNotPhair based on the visible positive reactions each artist has received.

 #SELFSALOET: 1 came about by a fortunate turn of events, and quickly became the ideal opportunity to showcase Cape Town's often overlooked talent to the world. This is only the first of a series of compilations to be released.


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