Sunday, January 12, 2014



"The year was 1997. It was a typical beautiful Seattle spring day where rain would come down at a moments notice and then make way for the sun. It was freshman year of high school and I was coolin with my boy Ramone in his pop's old Cutlass and we just knew we were doing it big. (Ahh the good old days) Anyway, it was an aforementioned rainy day and we were in the beautiful bliss of riding with no destination and enjoying life & good hip-hop. Ramone was one of those kids who had the big-ass books of CD's at all times. The dude had every CD that would come out. Mainstream shit, underground shit, obscure shit (what up C-Bo & Celly Cel) whatever you wanted, son had it. Like taking pride in having any and EVERYTHING you could think of. He lived in my building and was older, so we would cruise Seattle for hours trying to pick up chicks and absorbing that good shit that was coming out in abundance in those great times (Goodie Mob! Camp Lo! Keith Murray!). Anyway, this day I grabbed one of those heavy ass CD books when it began to rain and we were Mobb Deep'd out (if that's even possible. Hell on Earth is still one of the greatest albums EVER) and I saw the this cover of some dudes huddled in a classic pose that is Illadeph Halflife. I remember seeing them in a short article in Vibe or something but didn't really pay attention. "This any good?" I asked. My man looked at it and said "Hell yeah. I STAYS with that hot shit." Skeptical, I just gave him a look. This was the same dude who was championing E-40 and the Oakland cats MAD early (no diss but they had to grow on me. LOL) He grabbed the CD and put it on. Man, to this day I haven't been that blown away and mad at myself for underestimating anyone. The sounds and grooves I heard. Incredible beats! All anchored by the incredible drumming of some cat named Questlove. Black Thought and Malik B. killing it on EVERY track. The perfect singing and harmonies that showed a deep knowledge and appreciation for soul music. Why had I never heard of these dudes??!!! I prided myself on being a hip-hop head. What the hell!!!! I've since been a life-long fan and was definitely proud of them when they gained much-deserved commercial success and rightfully won Grammy's. I was amused when people hopped on the NeoSoul train and were trying to act like they were down all along. I cheered when Quest got his just due as a musical genius and a cultural icon. I loved the Soulquarian collective that spawned the incredible "Voodoo" and "Like Water for Chocolate" masterpieces. I championed the acts that they embraced and helped (Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Little Brother, JazzyFatnastees, Bilal, so many greats!) and I can truly say that they are one of the greatest groups in history. Not just Hip-Hop. In ALL music. And I still remember that day with much joy as the day I was introduced to The Roots. Enjoy. Buy all their albums. Y'all know how I get down. This is my Tribute to the Roots mix. Tell a friend." - Dj Rashad Hayes

1. Yo MTV Raps Interview
2. Act Too (the Love of my Life) ft. Common (Rashad Hayes Mix)
3. Proceed
4. The Next Movement ft. Jazzy Jeff
5. Concerto of the Desperado
6. In the Music
7. Section
8. Step into the Realm
9. No Greater Pretender
10. Don't Say Nuthin
11. Don't Feel Right
12. It Just Don't Stop
13. Break You Off ft. Musiq
14. You Got Me
15. Pussy Galore ft. Jill Scott
16. Without a Doubt
17. Fly Interlude
18. Ain't Sayin Nothin New
19. Dynamite! (produced by J Dilla)
20. Web 20/20
21. Rising Up ft. Chrisette Michelle
22. What They Do ft. Rapheal Saddiq
23. No Alibi
24. The Day ft. Blu & Phonte


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