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This latest mix from Joe Acheson (aka Hidden Orchestra) is to celebrate the release of the second Hidden album, 'Archipelago', which came out on Tru Thoughts Records in October 2012, and the second single to be lifted from the album, 'Fourth Wall / The Revival', which came out on February 25th 2013.
Like previous mixes it features all the variety of music that Joe has been listening to in the last year or so, much of which he has added to, mashed up or remixed, with lots of spoken word and field recordings. One of the themes is sleep, or the lack of it - and there's a strong theme of imagined live collaborations - Kelpe with Thom Yorke, Floex with Maxi Jazz, Crunch with Kate Bush, Tinariwen and Guru with a heavy rhythm section, Ivor Cutler and Johnny Cash trading verses over Jan Johansson's piano with added beats, Hauschka feat Bob Marley, Steve Reich with vocals from John Lennon and Finsta Bundy, and so on… full tracklist and times below.

 00:00 Spoken - Hidden Orchestra
00:01 The Great Animal Orchestra (Audiobook read by Nigel Lindsay) - Bernie Krause
00:22 Reminder (drums only version) - Hidden Orchestra
04:08 Unconscious Motivation (film excerpt) - Prelinger Archives
05:06 Reminder - Hidden Orchestra
05:25 Paivi's Favourite Sound - (Interview with Joe)
06:19 Fourth Wall - Hidden Orchestra
06:55 Fourth Wall (drums only version) - Hidden Orchestra
07:04 Forgetmenot - Floex
07:13 Kimmo's Favourite Sound - (Interview with Joe)
12:25 Insomnia (film excerpt) - Prelinger Film Archives
12:52 Music For 18 Musicians (Section VI) (Joe Acheson Many Musicians Remix) - Steve Reich
13:25 A Day in the Life (acapella) - The Beatles
17:25 Feel the High pt. 2 (acapella) - Finsta Bundy
19:54 Shipwreck Glue - Kelpe
19:58 Staring Out of the Window (Short Story) - Alan Bennett
20:06 Black Swan - Thom Yorke
24:36 Stop Parching Yourself - Kelpe
24:56 The Blankout Agreement - Kelpe
25:10 Up Up and Away (spoken introduction) - Sammy Davis Jr.
25:15 Nightbreed (acapella) - Klashnekoff feat. Jehst
27:52 Storrington Birds Spooked (field recording) - Joe Acheson
27:53 The Great Animal Orchestra (Audiobook read by Nigel Lindsay) - Bernie Krause
27:55 Sounds of Harris: Lullaby of a Lapwing - Kuljit Bhamra, Jacqueline Shave & John Parricelli
29:07 Tarbert Nightwalk (field recordings from Isle of Harris) - Joe Acheson
30:06 Sounds of Harris: Song of the Shiants - Kuljit Bhamra, Jacqueline Shave & John Parricelli
31:12 Ursa Major - Floex
31:24 Patrick Moore in interview - (prod. Journeyman Pictures)
31:51 Insomnia (acapella) - Maxi Jazz
35:13 Topkapi Park (Istanbul field recording) - Joe Acheson
35:15 Dave Brubeck in interview - BBC Radio 4
35:24 Ping (Joe Acheson refix) - Haushka
38:51 Tenere Taqqim Tossam (Joe Acheson refix) - Tinariwen
40:12 Conflict (acapella) - Guru
41:48 Keep - Nils Frahm
41:55 The Great Animal Orchestra (Audiobook read by Nigel Lindsay) - Bernie Krause
43:40 Crunky - Crunch
45:24 Half Broken Harp - Kelpe
45:31 I've Gotta Be Me (Spoken Introduction) - Sammy Davis Jr.
47:51 Visa Fran Utanmyra (Joe Acheson remix) - Jan Johansson
47:53 I Like Sitting - Ivor Cutler
48:38 Hurt (acapella) - Johnny Cash
49:52 Darkness - Ivor Cutler
52:32 If Everybody - Ivor Cutler
53:03 After The Goldrush - King's Singers
53:50 Atoms for Peace - Thom Yorke
54:33 Rooster Was a Witness - Neil Cowley Trio
54:54 Atoms for Peace (Four Tet Remix) - Thom Yorke
56:47 Disquiet (drums only version) - Hidden Orchestra
61:25 Disquiet - Hidden Orchestra
61:26 Unconscious Motivation (film excerpts) - Prelinger Archives
66:29 Dave Brubeck in interview - BBC Radio 4
66:38 Radar - Hauschka
67:10 Is This Love (acapella) - Bob Marley
70:07 Edit 2 - Crunch
70:17 And Dream of Sheep (acapella) - Kate Bush
72:00 The Great Animal Orchestra (Audiobook read by Nigel Lindsay) - Bernie Krause
72:18 Whistman's Wood (Joe Acheson remix) - John Surman


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