Friday, January 31, 2014



Sonically cradling you with deep and honest 80's emotions, swedish producer Johan Bengtsson's alter ego, Mitch Murder creates addictive retro synth masterpieces. As the story goes Mitch is an overworked Wall Street I.T. from the 80's who dreams at night other realities for himself. These are the soundtrack to his dreams. The first offering, "The Touch" is the retro-futuristic anthem of a peaceful world that's just uprisen from it's dark chaotic post apocalyptical past. Straddling the line of french touch, 80's soundtrack and robot disco band music it seamlessly carves out it's own sound space. 

Overwhelmingly emotional and uplifting it has one of the most triumphant guitar synth solos you'll ever hear. If by the first note of "Race Day," a vision of futuristic indy cars whizzing past a waving checkered flag doesn't enter your brain there's something wrong with you. This is definitely the music of an animated raceway, quite possibly a contender to be the title screen music to a Wave Race 64 sequel. Either way this track is wavy on a whole other level. If that's not enough for you, we have assembled two astounding remixes for your pleasure. 

French Touch icon, LIFELIKE blesses us with a slow burning seven minute minimal masterpiece that only he could pull off. LIFELIKE's remix is then followed up by Mitch's good friend Nite Sprite, who initiates an Electro Funk meets Sugar Hill in Space groove track. This is the type of song that space station window washers turn way up on their walkmans while on the job. 

 01. Mitch Murder - The Touch (5:26)
02. Mitch Murder - Race Day (4:20)
03. Mitch Murder - The Touch (LIFELIKE Remix) (7:29)
04. Mitch Murder - The Touch (Nite Sprite Remix) (6:29)


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