Sunday, February 9, 2014



"Here is California emcee Jetpack Jones' seventh official project, hosted by Dj Kid Fresh. Features include James Joseph, IE-z, Robby Ra$hu, LB, L3 Spaceman and Mann, with production from Beemo, Brock Berrigan, Mike Meds, Stefan Green, O.Skeeters, C.Wills, TheGeekSquad, Ruff Draft and Yo Asel. All artwork was created by Eustace Mamba. Elevate your mind. "

1.Beyond Infinity (Prod. By Beemo)
2.A New High (Prod. By O.Skeeters x C.Wills)
3.My M.O. ft. LB (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
4.Move To LA ft. IE-z (Prod. By TheGeekSquad)
5.Jetpack Lifestyle Part 2 (Prod. By Mychal Ray)
6.Go Get It, Period (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
7.Take It Slow ft. L3 Spaceman (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
8.One Speed ft. Mann (Prod. By Mike Meds)
9.That Blow ft. Robby Ra$hu (Prod. By Beemo)
10.Don't Ever Go Home (Prod. By Stefan Green)
11.Cup Runneth Over (Prod. By Mike Meds)
12.The Illusion ft. LB (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
13.Infinite Life (Prod. By Yo Asel)
14.Lost Their Damn Mind (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
15.Golden Skeletons ft. James Joseph (Prod. By Stefan Green)
16.Good Tree (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
17.Solar ft. James Joseph (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
18.Reflection (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)
19.Inner Peace (Prod. By Ruff Draft)
20.Catch Us (Prod. By Brock Berrigan)


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