Friday, March 28, 2014



"In an industry that is full of followers, Atlanta trio Goldyard strive to stand out from their competition. Their message to the masses? F**k Culture. In the first part of a series of three EP releases, emcees A.T. and In-Doe, and producer/DJ Flick James, encourage listeners to not only use the phrase "F**k Culture" but to also live its very meaning. The eight-track project features guest contributions from Cousin Dan and Jarren Benton, while production is handled by James and guest beatmakers Kato and SMKA."

01. Goldyard - Live [Prod. By Flick James] (4:40)
02. Goldyard - Die Tonight [Prod. By Flick James] (4:14)
03. Goldyard - Paranoid [Prod. By Flick James] (4:19)
04. Goldyard - Ill [Prod. By Flick James] (3:36)
05. Goldyard - Get Your Weight Up (Feat. Jarren Benton) [Prod. By Kato] (4:29)
06. Goldyard - French [Prod. By Flick James] (3:52)
07. Goldyard - No Ghost (Feat. Cousin Dan) [Prod. By SMKA] (4:43)
08. Goldyard - Open Field [Prod. By Flick James] (4:36)


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