Sunday, March 9, 2014



Here's a dope and diverse mix by a New York DJ I came across named, Heiress. 

Her bio states: "Born on the upper east side of NYC and raised in Yonkers to a former musician who did gigs in several bands as well as played instruments for artists recording in studios (my dad). Eventually he went on to teach music in several public schools in NYC. My mom also grew up singing in the church and was part of several choirs throughout the city. I began playing the piano @ 4yrs old and participated in the bands of the schools I attended up until my Jr yr of highschool, learning trumpet, and flute. At the age of 19, I began producing after 1 of my closest friends taught me how to use fruity loops in his basement. A few months later I learned the fundamentals of DJ-ing @ the world renowned scratch academy. At 21 I had my own radio show (life on mars) on my college's (saint peter's in jersey city) radio station in which I played everything from The Game to Jimi Hendrix. Following my graduation I began sending beats to local artists I went to school with and remixing acapellas from another dj friend of mine, Chris Washington, who is the founder of Motivated Bliss." Check out more up and coming DJ's at:


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