Wednesday, March 12, 2014



The Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land Movie is a colorful sci-fi animated hand drawn film based in Cleveland, Ohio created by LA indie animator Jim Lujan. It stars hip hop duo Kounterclockwise (Deacon Burns/Kaya Rogue), Jim Lujan and Fanboy Radio host Scott Hinze. Described as Flash Gordon meets the Wiz, Forever-Land is a tongue in cheek cartoon romp filled with weird characters and a ton of funky (and strange) music.

For a limited time, You can see "Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land" for free online at

"This movie has a positive message at it's core. It's a strange and funny film about empowerment. I think it'll catch people off guard," says Lujan.

Forever-Land is a tongue in cheek cartoon romp filled with weird characters is a hidden dimension where strange characters, creatures, and lands exist under the iron harsh rule of Infinitus…destroyer of all things funky. Kounterclockwise has been transported to this dimension to retrieve “the glove,” an item of cosmic importance, from the clutches of Infinitus.

"It's been a dream of Deacon and I to have an animated film made about us and here it is...and it's so funky!" says Kaya Rogue. Deacon adds:" It's about staying real and having confidence in your true self. Moving forward even when there are setbacks. "

The film was created and animated by Jim Lujan. Lujan has won several film awards including the Bill Plympton Indie Animation award and is currently working on a feature film with Plympton. Lujan draws, voices, and does music for many of his other animated films. Kounterclockwise has worked with Lujan previously on three music videos.


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