Friday, March 28, 2014



The KickDrums link up with fellow Brooklyn native, Muteboy to release this special project. There are remixes of the Beastie Boys, Big L, and Gang Starr along with a slew of other material you have probably never heard before. In other words, you're going to want to listen to this one a few more times than usual, especially with the bass turned all the way up.

    01- The KickDrums- Faint Feeling Of Satisfaction
    02- The Beastie Boys- Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (KickDrums Remix)
    03- The KickDrums- Oranges And Lemons (Pt. 1)
    04- The KickDrums (Feat. YP)- Roll Up (Bootleg Remix)
    05- The KickDrums- Fiction Department
    06- The KickDrums (Feat. Young Wazzie)- Fade To Black Flip
    07- The KickDrums- Though Police
    08- The KickDrums- Birdsong
    09- The KickDrums- My Girl
    10- Kid Cudi T.G.I.F. (Rework) (King Chip's Verse)
    11- The KickDrums- Melted Into Mist
    12- The KickDrums- Oranges And Lemons (Pt. 2)
    13- Big L- Put It On (KickDrums Remix)
    14- The KickDrums- Brave Radar
    15- Gang Starr- Mass Appeal (KickDrums Remix)


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