Monday, April 7, 2014



Black Money World (BMW) 2: Intoxxxicated is the latest mixtape from Miami, Florida representative SpaceGhostPurrp, who's been going by "A Mack Named Purrp" or simply "Purrp" as of late. He recommends you bump this new project while intoxicated in one way or another.

From the man himself: "BMW 2 is an R&B mixtape, it's not rap music. All these songs are R&B songs, bruh - they just dark. SpaceGhostPurrp is a dark R&B / rock artist, I am not a rapper. R&B can have lyrics involved in it too. All of my songs are R&B and rock music combined. My music is not hip-hop or rap."

1. Ride 4 Me
2. My Phone
3. Who I Be
4. Addicted
5. Make Her Say
6. 4 You
7. OwwwL
8. IntoXXXicated
9. That Good
10. Black God Pt 2
11. SAND 2014
12. Mack Named Purrp Pt 2
13. Cash
14. My StaXXX
15. Da Name
16. Big White Cups
17. Like The Way
18. AI 3 


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