Friday, May 2, 2014



"So, you already know how the story goes....3 guys from the hood whose biggest dream is to become famous rap stars, enter a talent show. The grand prize...a major recording contract!!! The 3 guys enter said contest, win the recording contract and live happily ever after....

But not this one unfortunately...THIS particular story does have 3 guys...from the hood...and they do rap, but no contests, record contracts or any of the sort, play a role. In fact, it takes place in the sleepy little town of Debauchery, on a cold November night, back in 2011. PhatBurner, dope hip hop producer & all around debaucherous miscreant along with San Goodee, seasoned veteran emcee and recently separated couch holder downer came up with an idea. Why not make an album that will encompass the most ratchet, irreverent humor dealing with, after the breakup??? It should be crude but tasteful...with enough honesty to be taken serious enough to be enjoyed. Create something to capture the moment, right when you as a dude says, "You know what? Fuck it! I'm doing whatever the hell I want until further notice. WHO'S WITH ME?!”.

One thing was more person to put the cherry on top. In comes Vigatron, ubertalented emcee & leading expert in all things debaucherous. Coming out of a failed relationship as well, Vigatron was all too eager to share his expertise and experiences....Thus,

N.O.I.R. (N!gg@z of Ill Repute) was formed!!!

This is not your run of the mill, cookie cutter, woe is me, he-man woman hater type of affair...This is a snapshot of unadulterated freedom in the lives of young single guys who gave it the old college try in relationships but came up with the short end of the stick. N.O.I.R. are neither saintly nor judgmental by any means. They tell it like it is with reckless abandon, at times brutally, even while still being able to share their own vices and remain unapologetic."

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